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Why Biomass?

In a heating context, "Biomass" is the name given to organic material that can be used as fuel.

The new generation of "multi-fuel" biomass boilers supplied by AFS are up to 96% efficient and can burn wood logs, wood pellets, wood chips, cereals and miscanthus.

There Are Many Good Reasons for Using Biomass Fuel:

Biomass is sustainable, renewable, virtually carbon neutral and offers CO2 savings of up to 96%, compared to heating oil.
(Source: Biomass Energy Centre)
Biomass is cheaper than fossil fuel. Wood pellets are 25-30% cheaper than heating oil and wood chip is 40-50% cheaper.
(Source: Biomass Energy Centre)
Buying biomass fuel locally reduces the environmental impact of transport, helps your local economy, provides local business opportunities and rural jobs.
Excellent return on investment, especially if replacing electricity, heating oil or LPG.
"Thinning" - the selective harvesting of a forest's annual growth - not only provides biomass fuel, but is necessary to improve the growth rate of trees and to support biodiversity.
Woodland, forestry and agriculture provide the population with leisure and recreation opportunities.
Less woody biomass going to landfill means less methane and reduced CO2 emissions.
Biomass ash is full of nutrients, so makes great compost for your garden.

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