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Biomass Fuel: a Renewable Energy Source

Bioenergy is the largest single source of renewable energy today.  

With a share of roughly 10% of total primary energy demand, and the highest technical potential for expansion amongst renewable energy technologies, Bioenergy is the largest single source of renewable energy today.

Bioenergy feedstocks primarily include wood and agricultural residues for heat and power generation. Correctly managed, biomass is a sustainable fuel that can deliver a significant reduction in net carbon emissions when compared with fossil fuels.

Recent estimates of available fuel for UK biomass energy have been published at up to 6.3m oven dry tonnes on the basis of annual sustainable production. An additional 1.5m oven dry tonnes are estimated to arise from arboricultural work and primary process co-products. (Figures published by Forest Research)

A typical 200 kW biomass heating system will require around 80 - 100 tonnes of wood chip per annum.

The most common types of biomass fuel are wood chips, wood pellets and logs. Whilst most log fired boilers require manual feeding, modern, state of the art wood chip and wood pellet fired boilers are fully programable with automatic feeding systems. The only local maintenance requirement is for the occasional disposal of ash, which can be used as a top quality fertilizer.

AFS Biomass Fuels:

AFS Biomass have built strong relationships with nationwide biomass fuel suppliers offering top quality wood chips and wood pellets at highly competetive prices.
We can also offer our home produced wood chips in North Wales and the North West of England, an even greater assurance of quality of supply.
Fossil fuel prices are becoming ever more volatile, often affected by external political pressures, and are expected to continue to rise at an unacceptable rate in comparison to nationally sourced biomass fuel.
By converting to biomass, the already substantial savings to be made against electricity, heating oil and LPG are likely to increase dramatically for the forseeable future.

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